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Good Morning starts in the Morning!

A new day begins in the better way with a wholesome breakfast, rich and prepared only with fresh and selected ingredients, fragrant brioches and delicious cakes, served in a bright and welcoming atmosphere. What better condition to start the discovery of the city?

A captivating buffet is set up with a wide choice of savory (mixed cold cuts, tomatoes, boiled eggs, ricotta and fresh local cheeses) and sweet foods as well (homemade cakes, pies, biscuits, brioches , cereals, fresh fruit, citrus juices, jams, honey, yogurt, fresh fruit salad), accompanied by espresso, barley, ginseng, cappuccino, chocolate and various types of English teas.

We pay particular attention to the variety and quality of the ingredients used for breakfast, since we know how important is starting on the right way.

Sweet Menu

Fresh fruit

Jam and Nutella

Cereal, Muesli Cornflakes, All-bran,

Yogurt, low-fat fruit

Croissants, rusks, croissants



Donut Cake


Salty Menu

White bread and wholemeal bread


Mozzarella cherries


Baked Ham

Hard-boiled eggs

Fruit juices









Selection of Tea

Hot Chocolate

Herbal Teas

Espresso, decaffeinated, coffee, coffee and milk

American Coffee, Cappuccino

Still water

Sparkling water

The Bío corner

The pastry products, which are delivered every morning from a nearby bakery, include traditional and vegan croissants; we serve high quality milk, soy and rice milk on request. Last but not least, our sweet section of the buffet also deals with yoghurt, cereals, organic jams, fresh fruit and cakes.

In other part, eggs and Italian cured meats are even available, both at zero km, and the Mozzarella di Bufala D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) as well, small quiche and croutons topped with our organic olive oil produced in the Venice area.


For celiac disease please kindly keep us us informed before, at the reservation or upon your arrival. In this way we will be able to put you at ease, serving gluten-free products prepared only and exclusively for you.